Ever think- “Damn, this should be a show/movie” ?

Mine should be a book with chapter upon chapter- a movie would only frustrate the fandom that feels it “did no justice to the book ” anyway.

This chapter is multifaceted and tinged with plenty of angst and smutty thoughts- The fandom would love this- I however, Do not.

Every character in this story thinks they are the main character.

Except me- and yet all characters revolve around me.

There are two mains joined with me- and yet one is longer here. Today is our anniversary as it were.   The other is new yet growing.

The third is someone I seek, though they are not responsive- yet?

The last is my catastrophe.

I am not a strong person. Though I hear that spoken to me a lot.

“You’re so strong”….

“You’re a force”…

It is not a bad thing to hear- I should be grateful. -Yet it flows like tar in my body…pulling everything away with my toxins…even my goodness.

I don’t want to be strong. I don’t want to make the right choices- or care about the position I’m directing.

If you take 3 naps a day in addition to sleeping I promise you live a month in a week- a year in a month….and you will fall in love in 13 days.


I will forever want to be the person that wanders and drinks coffee in nature…new places…better still old places as someone new.

If you are one of the few that will wonder what parts of this entry are about you-

You missed the point.