When it trickles down your leg- you know you’re fucked-

Now the floor has crimson footprints and you wonder why it seems so pretty-

It’s a night filled with messages from the 3 closest people that care about you-

It’s a night of ignoring messages from a fourth-

Where is the strength they speak of-

Why does my force pitter and pattern the wood panels below-

They think me to hurt them-

They wish for it to be so-

They want me to move and break them-

….I can only break myself-

I don’t have it in me to want to cause pain in another-

To do so would feel like a violation of nature- both mine and that of what surrounds me-

You re-birth old lyrics inside me-

Second thoughts at every glance-

I missed some of the stains on the floor-

They are darker this morning-

My coffee is bitter and not even my sweetener calms it-

You made me crave the strong bitter taste that transforms into you-

I want you to dig your needles into me-

Cause your pain to etch me-

Make it an memory and carry it with me-

Make the pain art and seep the fluid beneath my flesh-