The forecast shows a black screen. They say stay, and I scream that moving is coming for me. I am lifetimes ahead of you and it makes me dirty. It is easier to assume your childish nature cheapens the price of me. You’re a three piece suit- I’m tailored from one too many screams. There is never anything beautiful or unique about me.


My history should be the textbook I learn from- yet I think I am the missing pages at the end. I can tell I am soon to fall back into books again for escape. I can’t pick and choose my life’s genre- but my favourite stories make it easier to choose my emotions for the day.


I have to think that if I were coffee I might be a strong bold flavor- I think the truth is I would just be bitter.

-I am Midnight to 6am.

-I am four drafts and nothing completed in weeks.

-I am broken out and breaking down.

-I am please see me, but let me hide under the sheets.

-I am full of words that wont fill me.