“I hope hopeless changes over time”

She says she’ll stitch fireflies…

Into my skin.

While he wants to transport fireworks…

But, they don’t seem to send.

The water here is triggering…

Rusty pipes and hot water.

Closing my eyes I’m certain I’ll open them to red-

The scent of blood bombarding me.

Tattoos can cover the scars-

But never my memories.

Please don’t touch me-

My skin must be bleeding on the inside.

The lust filled galaxy marks they had-

All are gone now.

I want my pain-

Fill me harder.

I need the ache-

Press the needle deeper.

Mark me-

Inside and out-within and without.

Ending unfulfilled –

Filling without ending.

You remember me spilling- Blood- Cum- Tears-

Always shaking on their floors.

I am too good at being everything-

I fall victim to myself in the looks from them.

I am the drink, drug, touch, and pain-

Anything, before I am nothing again.


If the tattoo heart mimics mine-

I might survive tonight.

Panic found me regardless of beer-

You leaving will darken my fear.